Chevrolet aveo speedo not working

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chevrolet aveo speedo not working

Problems with a Aveo? Share them. Error code I had problem with code 89 since I bought Aveo Sonic since a week ago. HOLD light. Fuel pump Fuel gauge. The fuel gauge stays low but the reseve light does come when fuel level gets too low. I have replaced the fuel pump unit but still the same.

chevrolet aveo speedo not working

Dashboard Error code Wont start. Turns over but won't start Starting. When i left the traffic light. It had no power. About a block down the rd it cut off. It will turn over but not start. It didnt run hot. Gear box Clutch Stalls Starting.

When i am trying to change down the gears i press the clutch the engen stalls emedeately and it doesn't want to start. Will not turn over at all Chevrolet Aveo 1. Dashboard Windows Won't start Starting. Turn the key and it won't start the Windows work the dash has power but it won't turn over Cranking over slowly and not starting.

Won't start Starting. I drove my car two days ago and it was fine. It has been sitting for a couple days and now it cranks slow and won't start. This is by far the worst car I've ever had. When I'm driving in 3rd or 4th gear and the speed is accelerating, the car bucks and jerks. And it does the same if in low gear and the rpms go under Mainly in 2nd gear.

I know I have bad oxygen sensor and catalytic converter. Rattling noise around timing belt cover Chevrolet Aveo 1. Timing belt Warning lights Oil level Rattling.Believe it or not, we actually found a car that not only looks boring, but it is also boring to drive.

The Chevrolet Aveo was produced from toafter which it was superseded by the Chevrolet Sonic in Truth be told, the Aveo was actually a Daewoo Kalos that was sold globally under different nameplates and us lucky Americans received it as the Chevy Aveo. The Aveo was powered by a 1. For reference, a misfiring Prius could probably beat it off the line.

It sure was slow, so you might be thinking that a small, lightweight car 2, pounds with a tiny engine must mean stellar fuel economy ratings. However, you would be wrong. The Aveo achieved 27 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. Not bad, but too great, either. For starters, it looks boring. Its bland exterior lacked any type of character, in fact, the only bit of excitement that we can find about the way the car looks are the big headlights and the door moldings on the sides.

The lack of excitement extends to the inside as well. The Aveo exudes true rental-car quality via its cloth seats, which can actually be upgraded to leatherette, and the no-nonsense dashboard is so bland that it might be more interesting to watch paint dry on a wall. You would think that a small car like the Aveo would be fun to drive.

After all, rivals like the Honda Fit and Mazda2 at the time were definitely pocket rockets. But again, you would be wrong. Hopefully, you can see why we picked this car as the most boring car that should never buy.

While we do condone getting a car that fits your needs and your budget, quality should be a factor in your shopping process. Exterior For starters, it looks boring. Interior The lack of excitement extends to the inside as well. Driving You would think that a small car like the Aveo would be fun to drive.Chevrolet Aveo owners have reported 10 problems related to instrument panel under the electrical system category.

The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Chevrolet Aveo based on all problems reported for the Aveo. Letter from senator corker on behalf of constituent re issues with Chevrolet Aveo. The consumer stated the instrument panel lights went out on the dashboard. A mechanic informed the consumer, a part under the hood, in a fuse box, known as a splitter, had burned out.

See all problems of the Chevrolet Aveo. The contact owns a Chevrolet Aveo.

How to Reset a Chevrolet Aveo Radio

The contact was driving approximate 30 mph with the air conditioner activated when a strong odor of sulfur emitted through the air vents. While parking, the brake pedal traveled to the floor and a burning smell circulated inside of the vehicle. There was no warning indicators illuminated on the instrument panel. The contact inspected underneath the hood and there was no smoke or flames visible; however the entire hood compartment overheated.

Also, the hood was extremely hot to the touch. The vehicle was in the process of being towed to an authorized dealer for diagnosis. The manufacturer was not notified of the problem. The approximate failure mileage was 3, The contact stated that the instrument panel illumination and the tail lights malfunctioned.

The contact was unable to read the speedometer or the fuel gauge.

chevrolet aveo speedo not working

There was no manual switch to operate the exterior lights. The contact did not take the vehicle to the dealer for a diagnostic test or repairs. The failure mileage was 63, Automobile tail lights, front parking lights, instrument panel illumination lights, and gear shift illumination lights went out at the same time. The contact stated that while driving 70 mph the vehicle suddenly stalled after the instrument panel started to flash on and off.

chevrolet aveo speedo not working

The speedometer then started to misread and display that he was traveling at higher speeds than normal. He coasted to the side of the road the vehicle was towed to his home. The manufacturer was not contacted.

The failure and current mileages were approximately 82, I got into my car at night to drive home from a friend's house. None of my internal lights, with the exception of the clock and radio, would come on. Driving at night without being able to see your dash instruments is not easy. I am told it has to do with a short in the power distribution box.Our certified mobile mechanics come to you 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM.

Average rating from customers who received a Speedometer is not working Inspection. Learn More. Knowing the appropriate speed at which to drive is important to all drivers from both a safety and practicality standpoint.

A non-functioning speedometer increases the risk that you either drive too slow or too fast, potentially increasing the chance of an accident or citation from a police officer. A functioning speedometer is essential for safe driving and if you notice yours is not working properly, you should have it checked by a mechanic.

A speedometer that is not working fails to translate this information and can be a potential risk to drivers. A speed sensor that has failed may stop the speedometer from working. When speed sensors fail, they will typically cause the Check Engine light to come on, indicating that there is an issue.

When the fuse for your speedometer stops working, it can cause the speedometer to drop to zero. The mechanic will then provide a detailed inspection report outlining the reason the speedometer stopped and the cost of any repairs that need to be made.

If the mechanic believes that the speed sensor has failed, he or she will get underneath the vehicle to find the exact location of the sensor. While under the vehicle, the mechanic will examine both the sensor itself and the corresponding wires for any superficial damage to the unit.

The mechanic will then remove the old speed sensor and install the new one. If the mechanic believes that a fuse or bad wire has caused the speedometer to stop working, he or she will begin by examining the fuse to check if it has been blown. If so, the mechanic will replace the fuse.

The mechanic will also examine the wires running from the speedometer to the speed sensor to see if they have been damaged in any way. Because resetting the unit may just be a temporary fix, replacing the ECU is the only way to ensure that it works properly. This will allow the new ECU to turn on and begin the process of managing vehicle systems.

When the vehicle is turned on, it should be begin adjusting systems to run optimally. Before leaving, the mechanic will test drive the vehicle to ensure that all systems are working properly and the speedometer has resumed functionality.

By not knowing your speed, you may put yourself at increased risk for citation by police officers. Being unable to determine speed could also increase the potential for an accident. You should stop driving a vehicle with a non-functioning speedometer until it can be checked by a mechanic. Chevrolet Aveo Speedometer is not working Inspection at your home or office.Tom answered 8 years ago.

Shannon answered 8 years ago. I had the same problem. In fact, I had my thermostat replaced 3 times in 1 year. This lead me to re-think the problem. I had the same code p, low temp threshold. I couldn't imagine received 3 faulty thermostats. The final result was the Engine Coolant temperature sensor was faulty. It was sending low read reading to the onboard computer. Since the coolant temp sensor was replaced, no problems.

Kevin answered 8 years ago.

GM Speedometer Recall

ScottT answered 8 years ago. I had the same type of problem but mine was eratic working some times not working and a check engine light.

I found the temp sending sensor and messed with the connection and wires and haven't had that problem ever again. Clockman answered 7 years ago. I had same intermittent issue, plus while it was happening, my remote start would not work. I replaced sensor and checked all wires but problem persisted.

This year I replaced the factory wheels with custom wheels which forced me to replace the tire pressure sensors. That cured the problem. Somehow that was fooling and sending bad info to the computer, causing this annoying problem.

Nichole answered 6 years ago. Jose Luis answered 5 years ago. I have the same problem with my jetta 03 i just replaced the coolant sencor and still doesnt mark the temp. I am having the same problem. Only this morning on the way to work I ran over a piece of metal, sensor stopped working and check engine light came on?

Is there a way that the metal could have hit the sensor? I just bought a HHR. I only had iita couple of days of having it it red line on the temperature. I had my nephew flush it out for me and put new antifreeze in it. Duttie Be Good answered 4 years ago. New2cars answered 3 years ago. I have a HHR. I found out why my car would shut down completely leaving my keys stuck in the ignition I wish I'd known this before my purchase. I see the previous experiences from others so I will replace the sensory.

Fingers crossed!I have a chevy aveo ls. Last week I replaced the fuel pump because it was noisy. I installed the factory OEM pump and now my gas gauge no longer works. I put the old pump side by side with the new pump and hooked up the electrical plugs, turned the key on and cycled the float and the gas gauge still doesnt work.

The fuel gage always worked before, why not now? The car runs fine but no fuel gauge. I never had these codes before the pump change. All electrical connections look fine and NO leaks.

I tried resetting the codes but they always come back. The fuel pump is under the rear seat so theres NO corrosion problems and easy to get to. The gas cap is new and tight, 5 clicks. It sounds like the sending unit on the new fuel pump may be defective. I believe you troubleshooted the problem correctly. I would call where you bought the part from and see about getting it exchanged.

If this is going to be a problem, you could switch sending units between the two pumps, since you know the old one worked correctly. Hope this helps. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Some Chevrolet Aveo models have a theft-deterrent feature built into the audio system.

Fuel gauge not working on Chevy Aveo?

If the radio is removed from the car or the battery is disconnected, the radio will lock and will not be usable until an unlock code is entered. When you enter the code, you will reset the radio and restore it to its normal state. The code is provided by a Chevy dealer at the time the Aveo is purchased. If you do not have the code, contact a dealer so they can provide it for you. Press the power button on the radio. Wait for "Loc" to appear on the display. Press the "Hour" button until the first two digits of the code appear on the display.

Press the "Minute" button until the last two digits of the code appear on the display. Press the power button to finish resetting the Aveo radio to its normal operating state.

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Step 1 Turn the ignition switch to the "On" position. Step 2 Press the power button on the radio. Step 3 Press the "Hour" button until the first two digits of the code appear on the display. Step 4 Press the "Minute" button until the last two digits of the code appear on the display. Items you will need Anti-theft code. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

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